Call for Papers

Topic 1: Education Technology
Higher Education
Music Education
Art Education
Mobile Learning
Science Education
Teacher Training
Democracy Education
Nursery Education
Healthy Education
Curriculum Design
Vocational Education
Educational Technology
Pre-school Education
Educational Administration
Primary School Education
Social Sciences Teaching
Human Resources in Education
Secondary School Education
College and Higher Education
Human Rights Education
Online Learning Environments
Environmental Education
Professional Development
Multi-cultural Education
Technology-Based Learning

Topic 2: Economics
Economic Theory
Islamic Finance
Human Resource Development
Human Resource Management
International Business
Economics/Applied Economics
Logistics and Transportation Management
Marketing, Operations Management
Technology Management
Topic 3: Social Science
Human and Social Evolutionary Complexity
Innovation, Technology and Society
Politics, Society, and international Relations
Communication, Communities and E-Societies
E-Society and Online Communities
Online Society and Social Media
Human Development Based On Psychological and Social Concepts
Human Rights Development
Human-Environment interactions
Mathematical Modeling in Social Science
Social and organizational Networks
Social Network Analysis
Social Systems Dynamics
Social-Psychological, Social, organizational, and Technological Systems
Sustainable Human and Social Development
Physics Methods for Analyzing Social Complexity
Complexity theory in the Social Sciences
Computational Methods in Social Science
Data Mining in Social Science
Social Research or Social Science
Social Networks organizational Studies
Social Welfare and Policy
PolicyPublic AdministrationPublic Health
Public AdministrationGovernance
International Relations & Collaborations
Socio-Cognitive-Technological Systems
Sustainable Urban Neighborhoods
Violence, Extremism, and Terrorism
Knowledge Management and Knowledge Economy
Organizational Decision Making
Political Science and Decision Making
Population and Development
RaceEthnic Studies
Cognitive, Psychological and Behavioral Sciences
Ethical Issues and Challenges
Globalization Impacts
Sociology of Everyday Life
International Affairs and Strategic Studies
Governmental Systems & Practices
International Relations
Regional Studies
Reforming and Consolidated

Topic 4:Other Related Topics

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