Call For Papers/征稿主题

Call For Papers/征稿主题

The 2021 International Conference on Social Science and Education Innovation (ICSSEI 2021)

accepts original and unpublished papers. The papers may include but are not limited to:

Education, Teaching and Learning
Integrative Learning
Interactive & Creative Learning Environment
Learning Community
Learning Outcomes & Assessment
Learning, Memory and Neural Development
Lifelong Learning System
Service Learning
Global Mobility
Education in Math, Science, and Technology
Education Innovation
Education Policy and Education Reforms
Education Supervision
Educational Administration
Educational Communications and Technology
Educational Evaluation
Educational Finance
Educational Psychology
Educational Research
Educational Software and Development
Educational Technology
Engineering Education
Family Education
Gender & Education
Global Education System
Globalization in Education Challenges and Problems
Hermeneutics and Education
Higher Education
Humanism and Education
ICT in Education
Information and Communications Technology in Education
Interactions between Enterprise and Education

Innovative Business Models 
Enterprise Application Integration
Business Process Re-Engineering 
Virtual Enterprises and Virtual Markets
Supply, Demand, and Value Chains 
Future Work Environments for E-Business
Business Process Integration 
Mobile Business
Business/Enterprise Architectures
Mobile and Pervasive Commerce
B2B, B2C, and C2C Models 
E-Marketplaces, E-Hubs, and Portals
Econometric Models and Applications
Public Economics and Public Policy
Energy, Environment and Resources
Transport Economics
Behavioral and Experimental Economics
China, India and Other Emerging Economies
Economic History and Economic Thought
Economics of Technology
Economics of Information
Economics of Policy and Governance
Emerging Economies and Transition
Banking, Accounting and Finance
Accounting Challenges-Strategic Accounting
Tax Accounting and Fraud
Prevention of Fraud and Unacceptable Accounting Practices
Information Security Audits
Electronic Markets and Multiagent Systems
Digital Goods and Products
Economics of Social Issue
Bank Assurance

School and Society
Networking & Collaboration among Students Affairs Organizations
Inter-Cultural Understanding
Innovative Program /Services
Education Economy Project Management
Educational Accounting and Finance Management
Educational Party Construction Technology Management
Educational Psychology Strategic Management
Educational Reform Organizational Management
Educational Theory Management Theory
Human Resource Management and Development in Education
Ideological and Political Education Information Management
Management of Educational Business
Management System of Education
Quality Management & Assessment in Holistic Education Research
School Management Psychology
Teaching Practice Management Practices
Vocational Education Engineering Management
Web-Management of Education
Education Marketing
Management Control Systems
Human Resource Management 
Information Technology Management 
Management Science 
Management Information Systems
Organizational Behavior
Organizational Communication 
Operations Research
Product Management 
Resource Management 
Strategic Management
Supply Chain Management
Systems Management
Total Quality Management 
E-Collaboration and E-Services
Inter-Organizational Systems 

Social Science

Other Related Fields